Loftlay ettles the mean weather of a given ground over a long timespan. Weather often ettles a short, shedded timespan, of up to two weeks, while loftlay always has a longspan meaning. Weather and loftlay infold heat, wind, rain- and snowfall, dampness (humidity), and loftthrutch (air pressure). The loftlay of some land hinges upon the broadworth (latitude), landheight, windwardness, and upon nearby layers of water.


The roots of loftlay are broadworth (latitude), landheight, windwardness, and nearness to layers of water.

Kinds of LoftlayEdit

This writ follows the bekinding of Wladimir Köppen, the Russian land-, weather-, and wortloreman. Each kind of loftlay is given a two- or three- (or sometimes four-) rune token. They have a fivefold fading.

Band A: GreatheatEdit

Greatheat loftlays are warm or hot all year. All twelve months have a mean heat of at least 18°. 

Af: Wendringly rainweald loftlay - dampEdit

All twelve months have a mean rainfall of at least 60mm. They are usually found within 5-10 breadths of the midstripe, and up to 25 breadths on some eastern shorelands. This loftlay lies under the doldrums low-loftthrutch all year. Rainwoods grow here.

Am: Wendringly everrain loftlay Edit

Aw or As: Wendringly damp and dry or barelands loftlayEdit

These loftlays have wet tides and dry tides, and sometimes fire tides, with the driest month having a rainfall of less than 60mm, and also less than (100 − [overall yearly rainfall {mm}/25]). These are most often at the outer edge of the world's midband. They are oftenest dry at the time of low sun, or winter, though sometimes awhile the time of high sun. The truegrown worts are wooded grasslands .

Band B: DryEdit

In dry loftlays, rainfall is low.

BW: WestensEdit

Westens set along the western shore in wendringly lands are much cooler than other westens, and marked by fog and low clouds even though they rank among the driest lands on Earth by overall rainfall.

BS: HalfdryEdit

Band C: Mild / MidheatEdit

Csa / Csb: WendleseaishEdit

This loftlay is named for the Wendlesea, which is its best-known byspell.

Cfa / Cwa: Damp underwendringlyEdit

Cfb/Cfc/Cwb/Cwc: Windward West ShoreEdit

Band D: InlandishEdit

Damp inlandishEdit


Band E: WorldshotelyEdit

ET: EverfrostEdit

EF: Ice capEdit


Fleeting iceEdit


Worldwide loftlay wends over time.

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