Headstead & Highly Townishly Stead
Lungsod ng Maynila
Flag of Loftrootton
Nickname(s): Seahurst of the East
Queen Stead of The Frithful
Paris of Sunriseland
The Stead of Our Fondness's
Maked-outed and Ever Stalward Stead

Saying: Forward Ever, Backward Never
- Field
- Riding
Thede Headstead Field
1st to 6th ridings of Loftrootton
Revetung Philipslandish, English
Inwonername Loftroottoner
- Lord Boroughreeve

Joseph Estrada
Settled 1571
Landswathe 16.56 miles²
Befolking (2015) 1,780,148

Loftrootton (Mean English: Manila, Philipslandish: Maynilàoutspeaked [majˈnilaʔ] or [majniˈla]), acknowledgedly the Stead of Loftrootton (Philipslandish: Lungsod ng Maynilà [luŋˈsod nɐŋ majˈnilaʔ]), is the headstead of the Philipsland and the most huddlely befolked stead fitting in the world. It was the first booked Stead by douth of the Philipslandish Errand Work 183 on Afterlithe 31, 1901 and gained selflaw with the pathway of Ledewealth Work No. 409 or the "New look Book of the Stead of Loftrootton" on Erelithe 18, 1949.

The Spanish Stead of Loftrootton was settled on Erelithe 24, 1571, by Spanish upender Miguel López de Legazpi, which was casted as the reevely groundwork dealmark of the stead. Loftrootton was also the seat of grip for most of the ethel's landhold leaders. It is the home to many sheedly stows, some of which were built during the 16th yearhundred. In 2016, the Oneworldness and World Steads Groundwork Network listed Loftrooton as an A-Worldwide stead. The stead fitting is home to 1,780,148 folks in 2015, and is the sheedly innermost of a built-up landspan that outstretches well beyond its dealingly caps. The term "Loftrootton" is meanly noted to hint to the whole mickleboroughmoot landspan, the greater mickleboroughmoot landspan or the stead fitting. The reevely-marked off mickleboroughmoot landspan called Mickle Loftrootton, the headstead field of the Philipsland, inholds the much greater Quezon Stead and the Makati Middle Business Riding. It is the most folkful field of the ethel, one of the most folkful townish landspans in the world, and is one of the wealthiest fields in Southeast Sunriseland. With 71,263 folk by four-sided thousandmete, Loftrootton is also the most huddlely folkful stead fitting in the world.

The Stead of Loftroon is lied on the eastern shores of the Loftrootton Cove in one of the keenful harbors in the ethel. The Pasig Stream flows through the middle of the stead, gapping it into the north and south. Loftrootton is made up of 16 ridings: Binondo, Ermita, Intramuros, Malate, Paco, Pandacan, Harbor Landspan, Quiapo, Sampaloc, Holy Andrew, Holy Michael, Holy Nicolas, Santa Ana, Holy Cross, Holy Board and Tondo. Loftrootton is also made up of Six Gatheringly Ridings that stands for the stead on the Lower House of the Philipslandish Gathering.

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