The Anglish Moot
This leaf is a straight oversetting of "Lojban".
la .lojban.
Outspeaking [laʔˈloʒbanʔ]
Crafted by Witcrafting Tung Team
Dealmark 1987
Setting and Brook a witcraftishly wrighted tung for sundry brooks
Sake Crafted tungs
  • wrighted tungs
    • witcraftish tungs
      • Lojban
Writing layout Latish and others
Wroots Loglan
Tung keys
WBM 639-2 jbo
WBM 639-3 jbo
Tungslog lojb1234

Lojban (outspoken [ˈloʒban]) is a crafted, setcraftishly untwiwordy earthling tung crafted by the Witcraftish Tung Team. It nexts the Loglan howe.

The Witcraftish Tung Team began growing Lojban in 1987. The WTT sought to find out Loglan's goals, and further better the tung by making it more brookwend and freely brookyarked (as bespoken by its acknowledged full English name, "Lojban: A Realization of Lojban"). After a long starting period of mooting and fanding, the groundline was fuldone in 1997, and uttered as The Complete Lojban Language. In a frainspeak in 2010 with The New Everwick Times, Arika Okrent, the writer of In the Land of Fangled Tungs, boded: "The crafted tung with the most fuldone speechcraft is likely Lojban—a tung crafted to withleam the eldertruths of witcraft."

Lojban is foreset as a speakwend tung for sharing between folk of otherly tung backgrounds, as a likely means of workrig oversetting, and as a tool to rose the thwarsing between earthling tung and software.


The name Lojban is a forbind word shaped from loj and ban, which are short hues of logji (witcraft) and bangu (tung).


Lojban's foreling, Loglan, a tung crafted by James Cooke Brown in 1995 and later grown by The Loglan Body, was erstly made as a means to underseech the inflood of tung on the speaker's thought (a foreguess known as the Sapir-Whorf stelling).

As Brown started to forehold his twinright on the tung's inholds, bans were put on the meanship's doingness to stop them shifting deals of the tung. To umwork such steering, a team of folk settled upon starting another howe, leaving from the wordhoardish groundwork of Loglan and edfangling the whole wordstock, which led to the nowen wordhoard of Lojban. In aftermath, they begrounded in 1987 The Witcraftish Tung Team, grounded in Washington, C.S. They also won a rightsake over whether they could call their overshoot of the tung "Loglan".

The loudlorish hue of Lojban gismu (wroot words) was crafted reckonwaily by neasing for loud layouts in words with alike meanings in world tungs and by manifolding those loud layouts by the rime of speakers of those tungs. The list of wroot tungs used for the reckonway was bounded to the six most widely spoken tungs as of 1987—Lofesinger, English, Indish, Spanish, Russish, and Arabish. This outcame in wroot words being in their loudlorish hue a betracklily even mix of English and Lofesinger, with lesser infloods from the other four.

Lojban has also taken the set of bewise bespeakers from the crafted tung Láadan.

Following the uttering of The Fuldone Lojban Tung, it was foreseen that "the leafwritten wordhoard would be groundlined, and the forbind of wordhoard and hint speechcraft would be frozen for a neathmark of 5 years while tung brook grew. As forethought, this timespan, which has been acknowledgedly called the "freeze", offlept in 2002. The speakers of Lojban are now free to craft new words and ownspeeches, and choose where the tung is heading.


While the starting goal of the Loglan howe was to underseech tungish betrackliness, the sprack Lojban meanship acknowledges bycoming brooks for the tung, inholding:

  • Bettered earthling–earthling mindshare, owing to the witish and untwiwordy frame and greater means of sayness (brook as a speakwend tung)
    • Outshutting setcraftish twiwordiness in tung
  • Brook as a teaching tool
  • Underseech in craftly orthank and workrig understanding
    • Bettered earthling–reckoner mindshare, hoard onlores, and reckoner oversetting of kindly tung queath
  • Underseech in tunglore
  • Brook as a bookish tung, such as in lore or outhwit

Lojban as a speakwend tung[]

Lojban is oved by its speakers in queath and steven chats.

Learning helps[]

Asunder the soothfast oving of the tung, some belongers of the meanship and WTT have been seeching to craft sundry helps for the learners. The Complete Lojban Language (CLL, also known as The Red Book forof its farb, and The Codex Woldemar [The Woldemar Book], after its writer), the marked words on all deals of Lojban, is one of them, settled in 1997. Some of the howes in sundering ranks of fullness are:

  • Otherly queathbooks, foredrawings to help learning Lojban
  • la muplis, a forewrit listing Lojban quides from Tatoeba fading with their oversetting to other tungs
  • Dealser: la ilmentufa (also inholds fandly speechcraft, la camxes (by Robin Lee Powell and Jorge Llambías), la jbofi'e (by Richard Curnow)
  • Fading: la jbovlaste (firstly outshoot by Jay Kominek)

Lojban's learning rawstuffs on the farwirer to speakers of English, Frankish, Spanish, Russish, Eberish, and Esperanto, to sundry steps.

Lojban as a writcraftish and menningly tung[]

Like most tungs with few speakers, Lojban lacks much of a linked body of writcraft and its cunsty furtherings have not been fully found out (the true strength of its holdingly setup, for byword, is heeded unlikely to be drawn out "until and unless we have children raised thoroughly in a manimenning Lojban-speaking setting). Also such gatherly or wisdombookish wroots of knowledge like the Lojban Mootbook, which may help stretch the tung's wordhoard, are not much well fostered.

Nowenly togangwend Lojbanish writings are mainly clustered on, though there bestand Lojbanic blog/logbook steads as well. The Lojban FLC (or its backup) has a gathering of Lojbanish saynesses too, but its speechcraftish rightness is not always forsickered. These brookyarked wares on the farwirer inhold both orspringly works and oversetting of tokens in the field of kindly tungs, stretching from leethcraft, short tale, talebook, and bookish writing. Bywords of books that are already brookyarked inhold:

Lojban has also been brooked in other middles. For byword, Orecraft has been dealwise overset to Lojban.

Lojban as a means of craft[]

Lojban is seen by some as an orthankful tool for craftwrit or as having many maily deals yet to be unearthed or rosed.

Lojban as a maily workrig tweentung[]

There have been foreholds to brook Lojban as a middle tung in workrig oversetting and knowledge betokening.

Lojban as a draftwrit[]

Builds in draftwrits have been shown to be overset to Lojban.

Like with some draftwrits, Lojban speechcraft can be dealsed using dealsing sayness speechcrafts.

Lojban as a speakable witcraft[]

Lojban has been shown to be overset in some of its deals into bodewit. There are also alikenings between Lojban and forbindly witcraft.

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