The Anglish Moot

The Lombardish tung[]


The Lombardish tung is highly linked with the Elbe Theedish Tungs, mostly linked with Bairish than the other tungs, saking that the Bairish Tung is believed by some thiutes to be the forblowing of the Lombardish tung.


The Lombardish tung had forshined itself in third yearhundred AC and it was spoked until the eleventh yearhundred when it died/forswind, it borned from the Elbe Theedish Tungs and it seemed to be understandingly/readingly with the Gottish and the Suebish tung, after the romanish rike's fall, the tung was spoked in the yards of nowalike Italy, Austryrikes, Switzerland and southtern Franksland.