London is the headstead of England. It sits in the southeast off Great Briten, straddling the Thames Stream. Over 7,000,000 folk live within the stead today. It inholds many sundry landmarks such as the Elizabeth Tor (meanly known as Big Ben) at Westminster Hall, the London Eye, Buckingham Hall, Westminster Abbodric, the Pickle, and the Shard.


Before RomishEdit

No one knows the ord off the name given by the Romish folk, who in the year 43 named the ord Londinium. Only a few years more late, Londinium was burnt down by Boudica in an uprising against Romish lordship. The great town was soon built anew, and became the headtown of the Romish shire of Britannia. The town was more late named Augusta.


After the Romers left, London was forsaken. The incoming Angles and Saxes at first settled near by a town that they called Lundenewic, which lay outside the old town walls. Later, they began living inside the old town, and it soon became a great town once again.

London held the Olympish Games in 2012. The building off the Olympish ord has inflowed newbuilding in East London.

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