Lordſhip of Ireland
Dominium Hiberniae (Latin)
Seigneurie d'Irlande (French)
Tiarnas na hÉire (Irish)
Sun., 18 Wint GÆ 1171 - Ing., 18 Sol GÆ 1542
(N.K.: Sun., 28 Wint GÆ 1171 - Ing., 28 Sol GÆ 1542)
369 years and 8 months

"Loaf" (fief) of ðe Holimoot warded by ðe King of England (GÆ 1171-1177; 1199-1541)

"Loaf" (fief) of ðe Holimoot warded by John Atheling of England (GÆ 1177-1199)
P.W.: Ðe word "lord" is likeworthy to "loaf" + "ward".

Headſtead Dublin^2
Mean tungs Engliſh, Iriſh, Angle-Normaniſh, Latin
Affeſt Romiſh Niȝholiſhneſs
Elderſhip Feeholding loneredeſhip
Lord - GÆ 1171-1177 Hamrich I (erſt)
- GÆ 1509-1542 Hamrich VII (laſt)
Lord Loughtin - GÆ 1316-1318 Roger Mortimer (erst)
- GÆ 1529-1534 Hamrich FitzRoy (laſt)
Lawmoot Wittagemoot
Upper house House of Lords
Neðer house House of Means
Bygoing Timespan Middle Eld
Raid of Ireland 18 Winterfulth GÆ 1171
Wreath of Ireland Bedoing GÆ 1542
Mintwhit Irish pound
Forerun by Afterrun by
Kingdom of Ireland (1ſt Aſhaping) Kingdom of Ireland (2th Aſhaping)
Today a ſunder of Kinewise of Ireland
Foroned Kingdom

Ðe Lordſhip of Ireland (Irish: Tiarnas na hÉire), ſometimes i ð. m1.Ƿæ

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