A Lord Mounder is a British heading for heads of rike. It has two ſunder meanings at ſunder times in eretide.

Ðe heading Lord Mounder was first noted by kinely æthelings or oðer athels who lorded over as byrede while ðe English lonetow was eiðer ſtill too young to ƿald or was unfit to take ƿaldry for some oðer inthing.

Ðe Lord Mounder of ðe Jemonwealth of England, Ireland and Scotland was ðe heading of ðe head of rike at ðe time of ðe Tweenkingship—which happened between ðe deaþ of Carl I, ðe end of ðe English Kith Wye and ðe coming of Carl II—following ðe first timespan of ðe Jemonwealth under Redemoot of Rikedom ƿaldry. It was held by Oliver Cromwell (Yulemonth 1653-Holimonth 1658) and his son Richard Cromwell (Holimonth 1658-Merrimonth 1659) at ðe time of what is now known as ðe Moundering.

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