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Anglo-Saxon Influence This article is written in a dialect of Anglish that is heavily swayed by Old English. Some words may not be understood.

Lord of Mann
Çhiarn Vannin
Kinſhield ðare Ile of Man

Kinshield of ðet Iland of Man
Churl III, ðen First of Wales in GÆ 2021 (cropped) (3)

Anward holder
Churl III
since 8 Holimonþ 2022
Ekename Her Muchness
Seldabider Willem, Þengle of Norwales
First wielder Yorry III
Staþeling 1504

Ðe lord of Mann (Manx Waðelish: Çhiarn Vannin) biþ ðe lord owner and richhead of ðet Iland of Man. Ðe anward lord owner and richhead biþ Churl III. Before 1504 ðet richhead was known as ðen king of Mann.

Kinship mid ðen Kinhelm[]

List of Lords[]

Before 1504[]

Before 1504, ðe wielder of ðet Iland of Man was broadly naid as king of Mann.

16þ yearhundred[]

  • Tom Stanley, 2er Earl of Derby, 1504–1521, son of Yorry Stanley, 9þ Þain Outcund
  • Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby, 1521–1572, son of Tom
  • Hanrich Stanley, 4þ Earl of Derby, 1572–1593, son of Edward
  • Farnoþ Stanley, 5þ Earl of Derby, 1593–1594, son of Hanrich

Aftergangers' flit (1594–1607)[]

Loughholden' wielder[]

Ðe Lord of Mann is now spelled by ðen Loughholden' wielder of ðet Iland of Man.

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