Lore (in English, science) is the knowhood of everything in the world about us, which has been learnt through overwatching and understanding how things work. Lore gainstands belief, in that nothing is taken to be true till it can be shown to so be.

The first to have lore as we understand it were the old Greeks, who asked themselves how the world and everything in it worked. They sought true answers to their askings, and did not believe answers that they could not understand. Many men were thought of as 'men of lore' at the time, though their reckoning fell far short of today's benchmark. Aristotle was the first true lorer, and his writings are seen as the beginnings of many fields of lore which are forthgoing to this day.

The Lorish Way of Making is the most widespread way of making lore. Some main fields are heavenlore, wortlore, wightlore, and stonelore.

See List of Lores for the overbringing of many English lore words in Anglish.

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