The Anglish Moot
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Mór ingen Ní Neill
Wightly inſight
Birth Kingrich of Weſsewſinland
Death Carrick, Kingdom of Scotland
Were Caileach of Carrick
Offspring Niall of Carrick, 2th Earl of Carrick
House Northern Uí Néill (Cenél nEógain)
Faðer Niall Ruadh
Moðer Nuala Ní Conchobair
Lief Roomaniſh Niȝholiſhneſs

Mór ingen Ní Neill was ðe daughter of Niall Ruadh and Nuala Atheline Ní Conchobair (daughter of Ruairí, King of Ireland), ſiſter of Brian II, High King of Ireland, wife of Caileach of Carrick and moðer of Niall of Carrick, 2th Earl of Carrick.