A mainland or land-block is one of sundry big deals of land on Earth. There is no true meaning to the word "mainland" as it is hard to say where one ends and one begins, but folk widely see the world as split between up to seven deals known as "mainlands". These are (from biggest to smallest): Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Sealand. Smaller deals of land may knit some of these together; as a byspel, some works take Eurasia or America as together being one great mainland.

Earthlore-wise, the mainlands fit to deals of the Earth's outer layer that are found on the mainland-flecks, but also inhold smaller crumbs such as Madagascar that are not often seen as mainlands. Some earthlorish mainlands are widely shrouded by water, such as Zealandia. Mainlandly crumbs are only known to be on Earth.

Offshore ilands are often batched with a neighbouring mainland to split up all the world's lands into steads. Under this draft, most of the ilands in the Pacific World-Sea are batched together with the mainland of Australia to make a new deal named Oceania.

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