The Anglish Moot
Anglo-Saxon Influence This article is written in a dialect of Anglish that is heavily swayed by Old English. Some words may not be understood.

Maredudd ap Gruffydd
Fengle of Souþrich
YOL 1153-1155
(rixed a dealth of Souþrich ƿiþ Normannish thaving)
Foreganger Cadell III
(older broðer)
Afterganger Rhys III (as Fengle of all Souþrich)
(younger broðer)
Leedy insiᵹt
Bird YOL 1131
Deaþ YOL 1155 (elded abt. 24)
House Dinefwr
Faðer Gruffydd ap Rhys
Moðer Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd
Lief Roomanish Niᵹholishness

Maredudd ap Gruffydd (YOL 1131-YOL 1155) ƿas a fengle of Souþrich in Souþƿest Norƿales.

Maredudd ƿas ðe fifþ of six sons of Gruffydd ap Rhys, and ðe þird of four by Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd; he also had tƿo elder half-broðers, Anarawd and Cadell, by Gruffydd's erst ƿife. He ƿas only five hƿen his moðer and his broðers Morgan and Maelgwyn ƿere cƿelled at Cydweli. His faðer cƿole ðe folloƿing year. At ðe eld of 16, he is logged helping his broðer Cadell, noƿ King of Souþrich, to fordrive ðe Normannish from Cardiganshire. He ðen spoƿfully alloƿed Merdonbury stronghold ayenst a Normannish onfall, hurling doƿn ðe climbing ladders.

In YOL 1151 he dealnam outstandingly in ƿinning back ðe norþern deal of Cardiganshire from Gwynedd. Ðe same year Cadell ƿas onfallen by a Normannish trum hƿile out hunting and left for dead. He lived, but ƿas so badly ƿounded ðat ðe ƿorking rixing of Souþrich fell on Maredudd. In YOL 1153 Cadell left on a ƿalling to Room, leaving Maredudd as King of Souþrich.

Maredudd cƿole tƿo years later in YOL 1155, leaving ðe highseld of Souþrich to his yinger broðer Rhys, later knoƿn as Ðe Lord Rhys.