The Anglish Moot
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Margaret I of Denmark
Birth 15th Miremonth 1353
Death 28th Winterfulth 1412
Were Hacon VI of Norway

- (Queen of Denmark) 10 Weedmonth 1387 - 28 Winterfulth 1412

- (Queen of Norway) 3 Weedmonth 1387 - 28 Winterfulth 1412

- (Queen of Sweden) 24 Mudmonth 1389 - 28 Winterfulth 1412 

Erverike Estridson

Olaf II & IV (in Denmark and Norway)

Albert (in Sweden)

Afterfollower Eric of Pommers

Margaret I (DanishMargrete Valdemarsdatter; NorishMargrete Valdemarsdatter; SwedishMargreta Valdemarsdotter; IcelandishMargrét Valdimarsdóttir; 15 Miremonth 1353 - 28 Winterfulth 1412) was queen by wedlock of Norway (1363 - 1380) and Sweden (1383 - 1384) and later allthing in her own right of Denmark, Norway and Sweden, from which later time there are twiwordinesses as to her reevely rights. She was the founder of the Kalmar Meanship, which spanned Scatheney for over a yearhundred. Margaret was known as a wise and fitworthy leader who felt her oats. She was named "the Lady King" by her folk, which became widely brooked to show her worthiness. Sheedtellers have called her "the first great allthing-queen in Evelandish eretide." 

The youngest daughter of King Waldemar IV of Denmark, Margaret was a down-to-earth, forbearing dealer and haggler, and of high goals and a strong will, setting out to forone Scatheney forevermore into one oned land against the might of the Greatfleet Band. She died childless, having outlived her only son, Olaf II. Margaret was followed after by a string of more-or-less fit kings, after her work to bring up her scion Eric of Pommers and his wife, Filippa of England.