Maccus mac Arailt
King of Mann and ðe Iles
GÆ 971-974
Wreathing GÆ 971
Forerunner Amlaib II
Afterrunner Gorree V
Wightly inſight

Mark, King of Mann and ðe Iles (Mark Haroldson; ) was a tenth-yearhundred King of ðe Iles. Alðough his sibship is unwis, living bewise bysays ðat he was ðe son of Aralt, King of Limerick. Maccus' kin is known as ðe Meic Arailt kindred. He and his broðer, Gorree, are erst fortokened in ðe 970s. þ Write the first paragraph of your page here.2m Ƿ ſ

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