Mary II of England
Mary II of England
Birth 30th Eastermonth 1662
Death 28th Yulemonth 1694
Were William III of England

- (Firstine of Orange by wedlock) 4 Fogmonth 1677 - 28 Yulemonth 1694

- (Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland) 13 Mudmonth 1689 - 28 Yulemonth 1694 (with William III as fellow-allthing)

Erverike Stewart
Forecomer James II
Afterfollower William III (alone)

Mary II (30 Eastermonth 1662 - 28 Yulemonth 1694) was Queen of England, Scotland and Ireland, fellow-leading with her were, King William III, from 1689 until her death. Folksy sheedtellings name their fellow-king-and-queenship as that of William and Mary.

Although their father, James, Heretog of Everwick, was Romish Broad-Church, Mary and her sister Anne were raised as English Gainsayers at the wishes of their fathere, King Carl II. He lacked truly begotten children, making Mary twithe in the row of afterfollowing as James's oldest child. She married her Gainsayer first-fether, William of Orange, in 1677. Carl died in 1685 and James took the kingseat, making Mary guessed-scion. James's work at kingship through behest and the birth of his son, James Franklin Edward Stewart, led to his overthrowing in the Bloodless Overthrowing of 1688 and the taking on of an English Lawing of Rights.

William and Mary became king and queen allthings. She had less might than him when he was in England, yielding most of her headship to him, though he stood heavily through her. She did, however, lead alone when William was tied up in landmighty drives in the outland, showing herself to be a mighty, stalwart and handy queen. Her death left William as the alone-allthing until his own death in 1702, when he was afterfollowed by Mary's sister Anne.

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