Mary Tudor
Mary Tudor
Birth Miremonth 1496
Sheen Kingshouse, Surrey, England
Death 25 Midsummermonth 1533

Westhorpe Hall, Suffolk, England

Were Lewis XII of Frankric
Charles Brandon, 1st Heretog of Suffolk

- (Queen of Frankric by wedlock) 9 Winterfulth 1514 - 1 Afteryule 1515

Erverike Tudor
Forecomer Anne, Heretogine of Brittany
Afterfollower Claude of Frankric

Mary Tudor (Miremonth 1496 - 25 Midsummermonth 1533) was an English queenling who was shortly queen of Frankric by wedlock and the beginner of a family that would in time stake their right to the English kingseat. She was the younger living daughter of King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of Everwick, and the third wife of Lewis XII of Frankric, who was more than 30 years older than she. Following his death, she wed Charles Brandon, 1st Heretog of Suffolk. The wedlock was done hushedly in Frankric in the kingship of her brother Henry VIII without his leave. This needed the inbreaking of Thomas Wolsey; Henry in time forgave the two but they were made to give a great share of gold to the kine-helm. 

Mary got four children from her twithe wedlock, and she was the motherly-eldmother of Lady Jane Grey through her oldest daughter Frankine. Grey was in truth Queen of England for nine days in Meadowmonth 1553. 

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