Mealworc (painting) is the craft of macing drawing wiþ meal (paint). Beyond þis, it also means þe þing hwich is made by mealing. It is a sihtly crafts, unlice bookcraft, swaycraft, and oþers. Mealworc is made by putting meal upon a ground, oftenest with a brush. The ground may be hempsheet (canvas), blath, glass, clay, wood, or a wall. Þe meal is made from hued ore crushed into dust; the dust is then blended with another ore, þe binder, hwich may be gum arabic, linseed ele, egg yolk, wax, or acrylic base. Þe outcoming meal may þinnen wiþ water or turpentine. Mealworc is found in all ciþ cinds among afolc, and has þaned many saces, from self beshowing  to belihting to propaganda.

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