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Highflacking Greek bemealing of Medusa from the fourth yearhundred BC
Wightly inſight
Birth Hollowings beneath Olympus Barrow
Death Sarpedon Iland, ſomewhere near Cisthene
Sibs Phorcys and Ceto or Typhon and Echidna
Siblilngs Hesperides, Stheno, Euryale, Graeae, Thoosa, Scylla, Sirens, Echidna, and Ladon
Children Pegasus and Chrysaor

In Greek mistlore, Medusa (/mɪˈdjuːzə, -sə/; Yoren Greek: Μέδουσα "wardin, helind"), also called Gorgo, was one of the three nickerish Gorgons, imeanly bewritten as winged mennish she-nesses with live, hissing attery snakes instead of hair.

Medusa was once a ſheen young maiden of Athena's harrow. Trowfully ðe earlieſt writ of her wellspring as a lovely young woman and harrow wardin (or helind comes to us from Pindar, who ettles her in 490 BC as "Fair-cheeked Medusa". As Atheniſh harrow maiden, it was her holy towſhip to belive a maiden. She was known for her onkindly ſheen hair and was tailed by rimeleſs ſeggends, all of whom ſhe aſook.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Berrie's name ſhould meanly be spelled Berrie, ðe ſhatterend, and he was not, as Lorespeakand Kerenyi infolded, an antidekindle Death-beaconing, but was raðer ðe loneſome betokening of ðe highfaðerly Hellenes who raided nowtime Greekland and Asia Minor early in ðe twoth yearthousand BC, and becleped ðe þrith of ðe Þree-fold gidden. Medusa had once been ðe þree-fold gidden herſelf, hiding behind a frithward gorgon maſk: a foul onlet meant to warn ðe unclean againſt overſtepping on her Hiddles. Ðe Berrie (Perseus) inthriſts ðe Gorgon's lair, looks for her by noting ðe copperbraſs on his ſhield as a ſhewand, finds her ſleeping, ſtrips her of her head right ðen and ðere, and rides away into ðe ſky on ðe back of Fecklin, ðe holy horse: ðat is, ðe Hellenes overran ðe ſnake gidden's head ſhrine, looked for her eretowins by noting ðe copperbraſs on hier ſhields, found ðam and ſtripped ðam of hier gorgon maſks right ðen and ðere, and took hold of the holy horses --

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