Mindlore or Soulkith is the lore and conning of how the mind works and how one behaves. As such, this lore holds within its breadth the thought workings of any given fellow and his way of behaving. For the workings of kithships between and amongst both lone fellows and whole settledoms, there is another lore, kithlore.


Uncouth MindloreEdit

Uncouth Mindlore is the conning and lore of uncouth behaving.

Lifewise MindloreEdit

Lifewise Mindlore is the conning of lifewise groundings and fromsprings of wonts of the mind and of behaving. This field brings together the lore of the mind in thinking and the lifelore of the brain itself.

Thoughtwise MindloreEdit

Thoughtwise Mindlore deals with the thought workings underlying all folk's way of behaving.

Likening MindloreEdit

Likening Mindlore likens and forlikens the mindwise lives of wights in likening to mankind.

Redeing MindloreEdit

Redeing Mindlore wants to help others through redeing to lessen their shortcomings of mind and hardships of behaving, as well as helping to further well-being through mindlorewise workways.

Illhealer MindloreEdit

Mindlore that seeks to heal the mind illness of folks through healthwise workways.

Growing MindloreEdit

Mainly dealing with the mind as it grows older through the life span, growing mindlore seeks to understand how and why folks become otherwise over their lives, and the goad of oldening for all.

Groundlearning MindloreEdit

Groundlearning Mindlore deals with folks and most weightily children in Groundlearning settings.

Lawfinding MindloreEdit

This underfield of mindlore deals mainly with the law and how mindlore can be wielded to uphold the law and the right by conning and reckoning the behaving and thought workings of bothered, lawbreaking, or otherwise withfolded folks.

Health MindloreEdit

Health Mindlore longs to lessen true bodily and feeling ache and hardship through healthwise workwise, so long as it deals with the mind and its workings.

Folkwonts MindloreEdit

An underfield of mindlore that deals with the wonts of settledoms and folkthrongs and how that makes otherwise their own wonts.

Framework MindloreEdit

Another field of mindlore that cons and seeks to understand the workings of fellows within a framework--which hems on the field of kithlore

Reckonly MindloreEdit

Bringing together the fields of scorelore and mindlore, reckonly mindlore seeks to con mind workings through scores, reckonings, and such.

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