München (Theech)
Minga (Bairish)
Flag of Minks
- Land
- Wike
Upper Bayerland
Revetung Allmean Hightheech
Other tungs Bairish
Inwonername Minker
- Lord Boroughreeve

Dieter Reiter
Settled 1158
Landswathe 310.43 miles²
Befolking (2015) 1,450,381

Minks (TheechMünchen; English: Munich; BairishMingaBohemishMnichov) (Greater Anglish: Beads,) is the headstead and the most befolked stead in the Theech boundland of Bayerland, on the edges of Stream Isar north of the Bairish Alps. Minks is also the third biggest stead in Theechland, after Berlin and Hamburgh, and the 12th biggest stead in the Evelandish Faying, with a befolking of about 1.5 twisand. The Minks Mickleboroughmoot Field is home to 6 twisand folk.

The stead is a higher heart of craft, toolcraft, thrift, forsetting, kithship, newmaking, education, business, and sightseerdom in Theechland and Eveland and enjoys a well high allmean and kind of living, reaching first in Theechland and fourth worldwide by the 2015 Mercer survey. by the Oneworldness and World Rowings Groundwork Body Minks is reckoned an a-world stead, as of 2015.

The name of the stead is forthbrought from the Old/Middle High Theech frist Munichen, meaning "by the bedes". It comes from the bedes of the Black brotherhood, who ran a bedestow at the spot that was later to become the Old Town of Minks; hence the bede showed on the stead's coat of arms. Minks was first hinted in 1158. Catholish Minks was a couthly stronghold of the Wither-Overhauling and a mootish tip of divergence during the outcoming Thirty Years' War, but belived bodily unrined although an besetting by the Gainsayer Swedes. Once Bayerland was statheledas a selfstanding kingdom in 1806, it became a higher evelandish heart of crafts, framework, couth and witship. In 1918, throughout the Theech Overthrowing, the leading house of Wittelsbach, which leaded Bayerland since 1180, was shoved to stepped down in Minks and a short-lived fellowshiply ledewealth was boded.

In the 1920s, Minks became home to sundry mootish wings, among them the NSDAP. The first bid of the Nazi stir to take over the Theech lawmoot in 1923 with the Beer Hall Putsch was stopped by the Bairish watchmen in Minks with gunfire. After the Nazi's rise to grip, Minks was set forth their "Headstead of the Stir". During World War II, Minks was heavily blasted and more than 50% of the whole stead and up to 90% of the sheedly heart were shattered. After the end of afterwye Americkish upending in 1949, there was a great rise in befolking and trade might throughout the years of Wirtschaftswunder, or "trade flash". Unlike many other Theech steads which were heavily blasted and shattered, Minks freshened most of its threwkeeping steadscape and ferded the 1972 Summer Games. The 1980s brought strong husbandry growth, high-craft worksomeness and witshiply bodies, and befolking growth. The stead is home to highly businessbodies like BMW, Siemens, MAN, Linde, Allianz and MinksRE.

Minks is home to many loresteads, crafthalls and playhalls. Its many frameworkly drawings, sports haps, showings and its yearly Oktoberfest draw heedworth sightseerdom. Minks is one of the most lush and fastest growing steads in Theechland. It is a top-rowed gneding for outwandering and outland spot, although being the meanth with the highest befolking huddlemete in Theechland (4,500 folk pby tm²) . Minks ferds more than 530,000 folk of new background, making up 37.7% of its befolking.

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