The Moon is the name given to the one and only moon of the Earth. One can also speak of other moons, meaning bodies that whirl in a ring about a world in a settled path. The Moon is for now the only heavenly body other than Earth on which men have set foot. The Moon is near to the Earth in bulk, when they are set against other world-moon twosomes in the Sunhood.

The Moon always has the same side to the Earth, so can see only half of the overside of the moon from the Earth. However, the far side of the moon has been seen by manmade craft that were sent in a path through the heavens about the moon. Often the far side is called the "dark side of the Moon" in everyday speech, but soothly the Moon's dark side is ever-shifting, like the night on the Earth. When the Moon is seen to wax or wane, what is being seen is the shadowed side of the Moon which shifts as the Moon's whereabouts away from the Sun shift.

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