A motherish beskimping (also forwised to as a "yo mama" wit) is a betug to a mankind's mother through the holding of wordings such as "your mother" or other landshipish sundering, always noted to beskimp the target by the way of their mother. Noted as a beskimping, "your mother ..." targets on widespread feelings of offspringish trusting, making the beskimping sunderly and worldwidely beskimping. "Your mother" can be linked with most kinds of beskimpings, although ettlings of besheding are sunderly mean. Beskimpings about fatness, height, hairishness, lazishness, siblair, lifetime, kind, armth, lack of cleanliness, unvlittiness, samelove, or dumbness may also be noted. Alikened to other sunderings of beskimping, "your mother" beskimpings are sundrily likely to kindle hattleness. Slang sunderings such as "yo mama", "yo momma", "yer ma", "ya mum", "ur mom", "your mum", "ur mum", or "your mom" are sometimes noted, onhinging on steadly folktung. Beskimpings inholding "your mother" are meanly noted when playing twelves.

Although the wording has a long eretide inholding a bemealing bit, such as the old "your mother wears gouth wellingtons", the wording "yo mama" by itself, without any orskills, has become meanly noted as an all-goal beskimping or an uttering of flouting.

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