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[[Category:Drawths In Making]]

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My Little Horseling: Friendship is Spellcraft is a farseer show owned by the Hasbro business, brought to broadcasting now by Lauren Faust. It is the fourth link in a bank of alike shows which were thought up in nineteen eighty-two. (It may be foreshortened to "MLH:FIS".)

First Score and Six Shows[edit | edit source]

Mane 6 simple by aethon056-d9vipgt.png

Scrabbled out to the right edge are the Mane-6, named FlutterShy (firststuff of kindness), Apple Jack (firststuff of truth), Rainbow Dash (firststuff of loyalty), Pinkie Strudel (token of laughter), Twilight Sparkle (firststuff of witchcraft), and Scarcity (firststuff of unselfishness). In all, they make bonds in the make-believe world of Horseland, over ruled by Furstin Himmel and Furstin Mond.

In the first show in Friendship is Witchcraft, Twilight Sparkles is sent by Queen Himmel to the small rykedom of Horsetown so as to learn the worth of bonding. There she meets a crowd of bondworthy horses who quickly make bonds with her æfter the bringing low of Illdreamt Moon at the Summer Sunne Fair. From then on, Duskie and her five kith get the tokens of togetherness, which can be called to ward off wrong doers.

Twinspeaks From the First Score and Six Shows[edit | edit source]

Scurboga Quick: Needs to be a fifth more flawless.~[14th show; Clathed For Wealth]

Second Score and Six Shows[edit | edit source]

Twinspeaks From the Second Score and Six Shows[edit | edit source]

Pinkie Strudel: No horse breaks a Pinkie trust !~[14th show; The Last Meeting]

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