Here is my translation of a haiku written by myself, Jacob Cloward. The orginal can be found here.

I am in the wilderness,
To like the songsounds of the waterstream.
I go on the earthskin.

The Earth upholds me,
Foretide I thank the earthdom,
Evermore do I live my tale.

Here in the Great Townsteads,
Feel the hurtness of the earthall,
Man is earthchild and forminers.

Seldseen fairness is here,
The wilderness bestands!
Utmost is nothere or landslautered

The Great Townsteads do well,
Man must nere mankind,
The coaldust is ahaven.

The earth is our lifehome,
We live here in selfslaughter,
It is our time to halt our doings.

Feel free to correct/edit as needed, just please make note of the changes made.


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