A neitherling is a bottommote with no sparkish loading and very little weight. It scarcely makes itself known to other motes or unclefts, either to act or to be acted upon. This is so for it has but two of the four key dealings, and these are the weakest two.

Rather than dealing by weightpull, the kernaltwist, shockishlodestonery, and the kernalbind, as most things do, the neitherling deals with other motes only through weightpull and the kernaltwist.

Neitherlings come in three kinds: the bernstone-neitherling, the midweight-neitherling, and the mark-neitherling. They are lessermotes; and the keeping of lessermote-tally only lets lessermotes be made or unmade in matched pairs. For this, neitherlings are often made in the same dealings that send forth or swallow up bernstonebits. The togethermelting in the heart of the Sun gives off many such neitherlings.

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