Land Niedersachsen (Theech)
Land Neddersassen (Low Saxish)
Lound Läichsaksen (Saterland Freesish)
Boundland of Theechland
Flag of Nethersex Coat of Seal of Nethersex
Flag Coat of Seal
Ethel Theechland
Headstead Highover
Revetung Allmean Theech
Other tungs Low Saxish, North Freesish
Inwonername Low Saxes, Nether Saxes,
- Body
- Rede-Foresitter

Landday of Nethersex
Stephan Weil
Landswathe 18,383 miles²
- Overall
- Huddlemete
(31 Yulemonth 2015)
430 miles²

Nethersex (English: Lower Saxony, Theech: Niedersachsen [ˈniːdɐzaksn̩], Low Saxish: Neddersassen) is a Theech boundland (Land) laid down in northwestern Theechland. It is the twoth biggest boundland by land swathe, with 47,624 four-side thousandmetes (18,388 sq mi), and fourth biggest in befolking (7.9 micklered) among the sixteen Länder kerneled as the Bound Ledewealth of Theechland. In green landspan Northern Low Saxish, a byleid of Low Saxish, and Saterland Freesish, a kind of Freesish Tung, are still spoken, but the rime of speakers is dwindling.

Nethersex borders on (from north and clockwise) the North Sea, the boundlands of Sleswick-Holstone, Hamborough, Mickleborough-Forepommers, Brandenborough, Saxland-Onhold, Thiringerland, Hetwars and Northrine-Westfalls, and the Netherlands. Furthermore, the boundland of Brims forms two inkeys within Nethersex, one being the stead of Brims, the other, its seaharbor stead of Brimerhaven. In fact, Nethersex borders more neighbours than any other one Bundesland. The boundland's main stead inhold the boundland headstead Highover, Braunschweig (Brunswick), Moonborough, Osnabridge, Oldsborough, Hildesham, Wolfsbeadle, Wolfsborough and Goddings.

The northwestern swathe of Nethersex, which lies on the edge of the North Sea, is called East Freesland and the seven East Freesish Islands offshore are folkful with sightseers. In the extreme west of Nethersex is the Emsland, a thewkeepingly needy and huddlely befolked swathe, once bestrided by inthuringly swamps. The northern half of Nethersex, also known as the North Theech Fields, is almost always flat but for the mild hills around the Brims ghostand. Towards the south and southwest lie the northern bits of the Theech Middle Uplands: the Weser Uplands and the Harz barrows. Between these two lie the Low Saxish Hills, a stretch of low ridges. Thus, Nethersex is the only Bundesland that holds both sealike and hilly swathes.

Nethersex's higher steads and trade midsts are mainly laid down in its middle and southern bits, namely Highover, Brunswick, Osnabridge, Wolfsborough, Saltgitter, Hildesham and Goddings. Oldsborough, near the northwestern seashoreline, is another trade midst. The field in the northeast is called the Moonborough Heath (Lüneburger Heide), the biggest heathland swathe of Theechland and in middle eld times wealthy due to salt mining and salt trade, as well as to a lesser inch the bedraining of its turf mires up until about the 1960s. To the north, the Elb ea separates Nethersex from Hamborough, Sleswick-Holstone, Mickleborough-Western Pommers and Brandenborough. The slades straight south of the Elb are known as Altes Land (Old Ethel). Due to its bland nearby loftlay and fallow ground, it is the boundland's biggest swathe of nut farming, its rightleader bring about apples.

Most of the boundland's land was bit of the sheedly Kingdom of Highover; the boundland of Nethersex has fostered the wappens and other signs of the former kingdom. It was shaped by the blender of the Boundland of Highover with three smaller boundlands in 1946.

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