The Anglish Moot
New Everwich Stead
New York City
Rich Oned Riches
Landship New Everwich
Revetung English
Wonnername New Everwicher
- Illk
- Body
- Boroughreeve

Boroughreeve - Redeship
New Everwich Stead Redeship
Eric Adams
Settled 1624
Landswathe 1,212 km² (land 785 km²)
Befolking 8,537,673

New Everwich Stead (English: New York City) is the biggest stead in New Everwich Landship and the Oned Riches of America with a befolking of over 8 twisand dwellers. Found in the northeast of the ethel, New Everwich Stead is the Oned Riches' trade and craft heart.

First settled by the Netherlanders as New Amstledam, it was taken over by the English in 1664 and its named wended to New Everwich, after Yacom Stewart, Hartough of Everwich. It was the headborough of the Oned Riches for five years from 1785 to 1790 and has been the ethel's biggest stead since 1790. In 1886, as a show of friendship, the French gifted to the Oned Riches and the stead of New Everwich the Standbilth of Freedom, a 46 m tall standbilth frealsing the selfhood of the ethel. Other landmarks of the stead are the Richland Building, the Crisler Building, Midly Ersh, Times Tey, Brooklyn Bridge, the World Trade Mid, which inholds the One World Trade Mid, and the Banded Lands headfourths. NES is also talked in its 5 boroughs: The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Iland.