The Anglish Moot
New York

New Everwick, highlighted in red.

New Everwick (English & Norse Anglish: New York) is a rike in the northeast of the Oned Rikes of America. It is the third most befolken rike in the ORA, and 27th biggest by bulkness. It is hemmed by New Geirrseit and Pennswood to the south, by three other rikes to the east, and the land of Canada to the north and west.

New Everwick Stead is a great town within the Rike of New Everwick. It lies on the Eastern Seaboard of the ORA, and is a harbour of the Great Atlantish Sea. The town is cleft into five boroughs: Manhattan, Staten Iland, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. About 8.2 micklered folk live within the town.

Its headborough is Whitebury, which comes from the Hartow of Albany, which comes from Albion meaning white.