Rike of New Geirrseit
State of New Jersey (Mean English)
New Geirrseit
"Liberty and prosperity"
"Freedom and wealthdom"
Ethel Oned Rikes
Headstead Trenton
Biggest stead Newark
Inwonername New Geirrseiter
- Highthane
- Under-Highthane
Phil Murphy (Folkship)
Sheila Oliver (Folkship)
Landswathe 8,722.58 fourside miles
- In full
- Huddlemete
1,210.10/fourside mile

New Geirrseit (Mean EnglishNew Jersey) is a rike in the Mid-Evensea landship of the Oned Rikes. It is a headland, bordered on the north and east by the rike of New Everwick; on the east, southeast and south by the High Evensea; on the west by the Wyesland ea and Pennswood; and on the southeast by the Wyesland Bight and Wyesland. New Geirrseit is the fourth-smallest rike by landship but the 11th-most befolkered, with 9 micklered indwellers as of 2017, making it the most huddled-befolkered of the 50 O.R. rikes with its biggest stead being Newark. New Geirrseit lies wholly within the melded reckoning-landships of Brotherlove and New Everwick Stead. New Geirrseit was the twithe-wealthiest rike by middle household income as of 2017.

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