New Waterland
Nouvelle-Aquitaine (French)
New Waterland
Ethel Frankric
Biggest stead Waterside
Inwonername New Waterlander
- Foresitter of the Greatshire Redemoot
Alain Rousset (Fellowship Mootband)
Landswathe 84,061 fourside thousandtals
- In full
- Huddlemete

70/fourside thousandtal

New Waterland (French: Nouvelle-Aquitaine; Yeslandish: Nòva Aquitània, Baskish: Akitania Berria) is the biggest greatshire in Frankric, spanning the west and southwest of the mainland. The greatshire was made by the landship-edmaking of French Greatshires in 2014 through the melding of three greatshires. It spans 84,061 fourside-thousandtals, or an eighth of the land, and has about 5,800,000 indwellers. The new greatshire was founded on 1st Afteryule 2016, following the greatshire choosings in Yulemonth 2015. 

It is the biggest greatshire in Frankric by landspan, with a turf a little greater than that of Eastrike; even French Floodland is smaller. Its biggest stead, Waterside, with its under-towns and near-towns, makes the greatest mickleborougher landship of Frankric, with 850,000 indwellers. The greatshire has 25 greater townish landships. The growth of its befolking, namely on the shore, makes it one of the most worthly-fair landships in Frankric. 

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