Newfoundland and the Golden Arm is a greatshire on the easternmost seaboard of Northland. It is built from the holm of Newfoundland (where most of the folk dwell) and the large mainland hinterland of Golden Arm.

The folkscore is roughly five hundred thousand, and most people live in the borough of Holy John's and the other boroughs of the Avalon Ness on the rocky Atlantic Sea shore of Newfoundland holm. Most of the folk are olden kin with the folk of England Scotland and Ireland, as well as Basqueland and Brittany, and their way of life have a likeness with those of these lands. Newfoundland holm is known for its rocky lands, its way of life and the slightly different tongue of its folk (called Newfie), and its olden fishing business.

The folk of the Golden Arm are mainly of the first kins like the Naskapi, Innu and the Inuit folks (sadly the first kin of Newfoundland holm, the Beothuk, are living no more). Only a few thousand folk dwell here and there are few boroughs. Many folk still live off the land. The Golden Arm is known for its great wolds and woodlands, its very cold winter weather, and its wealthstead of mining iron ore and other ores. Golden Arm has a long march with the Northlandish greatshire of Quebec and a very short march with the hinterland of Nunavut.

This greatshire has the longest eretide of Europish folk of any part of Northland. The Northmen travelled to these lands from Greenland in the years around 1000 After Christ. They called Newfoundland "Vinland" and the Golden Arm "Markland", and the first kin folk "skraelings". After this, Newfoundland holm was travelled to and settled by Europish seafarers and fishers, starting around the year 1500. Northland was founded in the year 1867 but this greatshire only banded with the rest of Northland in the year 1949. Until then, it was still lorded over by the Banded Kingdoms.

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