The Anglish Moot
North Everwichshire
North Everwickshire
- Ethel
- Fields
Foroned Kingdom
North West
Revetung Allmean English
Other tungs Everwichish landspeech,
Inwonername North Everwichshire
Reevely shire
- Lord Steadholder
- High Sheriff

Barry Dobb
Christopher John Charles 
Landswath 5,013 tm2 (1,936 fe mi)
Befolking 1,153,400

North Everwichshire is a un-mickleborough shire and wider reveely shire in England. It is founded mostly in the field of Everwich and the Humber but dealy in the field of North East England.

Crafted by the Stowly Lawmoot Work 1972, it holsters an swathe of 8,654 fouredge thousandmetes (3,341 fe tm), making it the widest shire in England. The most of the Everwichshire Dales and the North Everwich Moors lie within North Everwichshire's ends, and about 40 of hundreds of the shire is sheathed by Theedly Parocks. The widest towns are Everwich (153,717),
Middlesbrough (138,400), Harrogate (73,576) and Scarborough (61,749); the shire town, Northallerton, has a befolking of 16,832.