Meanwealth of the Northern Maryanne Ilands
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (Mean English)
Northern Maryanne Ilands
Ethel Oned Rikes
Headstead Saipan
Revetung Mean English, Chamorro, Carlinish
Inwonername Northern Maryanne Ilander, Maryanner
- Highthane
- Under-Highthane
- O.R. House Reeve
Ralph Torres
Arnold Palacios
Gregorio Sablan
Landswathe 464 fourside-thousandtals
- In full
- Huddlemete

The Northern Maryanne Ilands (Mean English: Northern Mariana Islands), reevely the Meanwealth of the Northern Maryanne Ilands (Mean English: Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands) is a meanwealth of the Oned Rikes made up of 14 holms in the northwestern Frithful Highsea. The MNMI inholds the 14 northernmost ilands in the Maryanne Itune, other than the southernmost iland, What-We-Have, which is another O.R. landdeal. The MNMI and What-We-Have are the westernmost nib (speaking of lawmoot) and landdeal of the Oned Rikes.

It is named for Maryanne of Eastrike, who was Queen of Spain in wedlock and later Spanish byrede.

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