Notre Dame

The Headchurch of Notre Dame

Notre Dame is a mighty headchurch standing on the "Ile da la Citie," an iland in the Seine Ea in Paris, Frankrike. Built on the stead of an older church, which was also built on the stead of a Romish bedehouse to Jupiter, Notre Dame is a high-flown busen of gothish framework and one of the greatest buildings standing. Building of Notre Dame began in eleven-sixty-three and took almost two hundred years to fulfill.

Notre Dame is a overwhelming stone building of foursidish steeples, flying buttresses, and tall spires. The outside of the building is bedecked with fine ribbons of bows and castmen of holymen and kings. The roofline of the building is decked with castdeer. The inside of the headchurch is a long, narrow room with uprights lining each side, backing two comely raised hallways. Shining stained glass windows shine blandly down on the main giftboard, which holds a comely castman of the Maiden Mary, the headchurch's backer, holding the body of Jesus.

The headchurch has beared many timespans of seediness over the years. During the French Overthrowing, many of Notre Dame's hoards were stolen and the building was brooked as a warehouse. In the early eighteen-hundreths the headchurch was in such a rike of unfixing that the borough drafters yondthinked about tearing it down. In truth, Victor Hugo wrote "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" so to raise awareness of the headchurch's swamp. In eighteen-seventy-one, during the short-lived Paris Spread, Notre Dame was almost set on fire.

Haply the headchurch overstanded it all, and has now been largely freshened to its first awesomeness.

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