Lightland is a land in the ethel of Afghanistan. It's old name was Kafiristan, or land of unbelievers, but a the Pashtun king Abdur Rahman Khan shoved the faithshift of those ledes to Islam or die. The old worship of the Lightlanders may have been nearest to the old Indo-Europish ledes. A near folk to the Nuristanis are the Kalash, who live on the other side of the Stroke of Durrand, or Pakistan in other words.

Nur means light in Arabic and -stan mean land in persian, therefore Nuristan can mean Lightland in Anglish.

There is too an unknown link with an a kindred of near block of Gujjars. Gujjars are an Indish folkstock among many Indian and Pakistani people.

There are some myths, wonderings or hearsays about Nuristanis as well with Kalash and a few other folks. The likelihood of light looks like fair hair and eyes on such folks may not be more than other folks but may be an old mark on the forold indo-europish peoples. By this, there are hearsays that Nuristanis and others are offspring of Greek or Macedonian ledes that came with Alexander the great and the nearness of the manygods Greek faith with the old faith of nuristanis and Kalash people. It is more likely that it is the marks from old indo-europish forefathers and mothers which is why the nuristanis, greeks and other pershish indo-aryanish folks share these marks today.

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