256px-Jupiter and its shrunken Great Red Spot

Odin with its great red spot.

Odin or Woden (Mean English: Jupiter) is the fifth wanderstar from the Sun in the Sunhood. Its day lasts nine earth stounds and fifty-six metes, while its year lasts for twelve earth years. It has the shortest day of the eight wanderstars in the sunhood.

Odin is marked by its red spot on its overside, which is in truth a great storm (an endless whirlwind) that has been ongoing for thousandyears. Odin, having more stuff than the other seven wanderstars, is a great lofter that can swallow the earth at least 1,300 times.

It has 79 (and ariming) moons, yining the Galilean moons, Audhimla, Frie, Rind, and Mieli.

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