Listed below are sundry offshortenings, to be brooked in the wordlists off The Moot's leaves.

Listed below are various abbreviations, to be used in the wordlists of The Moot's pages.

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Shortening Meaning
adj adjective
adv adverb
att'd attested
conj conjunction
interj interjection
n noun
phr phrase
pref/pfx prefix
prep preposition
prn pronoun
suf/sfx suffix
vb verb
PIE Proto-Indo-European
PG Proto-Germanic
PN Proto-Norse
ON Old Norse
OWN Old West Norse
O.Ic. Old Icelandic
M.Ic. Middle Icelandic
Ic. Modern Icelandic
O.Norw. Old Norwegian
M.Norw. Middle Norwegian
Norw. Norwegian
O.Far. Old Faroese
Far. Faroese
O.Nn. Old Norn
Nn. Norn
OEN Old East Norse
E.O.Dan. Early Old Danish
L.O.Dan. Late Old Danish
Dan. Danish
E.O.Swed. Early Old Swedish
L.O.Swed. Late Old Swedish
Swed. Swedish
E.O.Gutn. Early Old Gutnish
L.O.Gutn. Late Old Gutnish
Gutn. Gutnish
Elf. Elfdalian
PWG Proto-West Germanic
OE Old English
Merc. Old English (Mercian Dialect)
Nhb. Old English (Northumbrian Dialect)
ME Middle English
ENE Early New (Modern) English
NE New (Modern) English
ES Early Scots
MS Middle Scots
NS New Scots
O.Fris. Old Frisian
M.Fris. Middle Frisian
N.Fris. North Frisian
W.Fris. West Frisian
S.Fris. Saterland Frisian
OS/OLG Old Saxon/Old Low German
MLS/MLG Middle Low Saxon/German
LS/LG Low Saxon/German
O.Frank. Old Frankish
OLF Old Low Franconian
M.Du. Middle Dutch
Du. Modern Dutch
Af. Afrikaans
OHG Old High German
MHG Middle High German
ENHG Early New High German
NHG New High German
Yid. Yiddish
Lomb. Lombardic
PEG Proto-East Germanic
Goth. Gothic
Vandal. Vandalic
Burg. Burgundian
Crim.Goth. Crimean Gothic
N.Pers. New Persian
Fin. Finnish
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CED Cambridge English Dictionary
COED Collins English Dictionary
UM. MED University of Michigan: Middle English Dictionary
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