(Removed 'elsh' for 'ealh'. The claim given that 'wealh' = 'Welsh' is demonstrably false, Welsh = wealisc. But 'wealh' becomes Mid-Eng 'wale', 'healh' > hale, but by analogy to 'fealh' (fallow), 'sealh' (sallow), we may assume 'ALLOW' (rhyming as a...)
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|encouragement, comfort
|encouragement, comfort
|OE ealh' (OE 'wealh' became 'Welsh') (c.f. Goth 'alh,' OHG 'alah')

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ea OE éa n river
ed- OE ed- pfx again, back, (samehood [equivalent] of re-)
eady OE éadig adj wealthy, prosperous, blessed, happy
edlean OE edléan n reward
edledge OE edlaecan v repeat
ednew OE ednīwian v renew
edshaft OE edscaft n regeneration, new creature
edsight OE edsihþ v respect
edstathel OE edstaðolian v restore
edstall OE edstalian v restore
edwend OE edwendan v return
edwist OE edwist n sustenance, food, being, substance
eft, eft- OE eft(-) adv, pref again, back, (samehood [equivalent] of re-)
eftarise OE eftárísan(-) v ressurect, rise again
eftchar OE eftcyrran v return
eftcome OE eftcuman v return
eftimind OE eftgemindgian v remember
eftlooking OE eftlócung n respect, regard
eftsit OE eftsittan v reside
eftsithe OE eftsíð n journey back
eftwharve OE efthweorfan v return
efty OE eftgian v repeat
eight OE éhtan v attack, persecute
eight OE eaht n assembly, council, estimation, esteem
eight OE eahtan v estimate, appreciate, esteem
eke OE éacan v increase, augment, grow, add
elk OE elcian v put off, delay
eldeth OE ealdo n vessel
eldkind OE ealdgecynd n original nature
eldsith OE ealdgesíþ n old comrade
eldwork OE ealdgeweorc n old-standing work, the world
eldfather OE ealdefaeder n grandfather
eldmother OE ealdemódor n assembly, council, estimation, esteem
eldspeech OE ealdspraéc n proverb, by-word
eldweary OE ealdwerig adj accursed from old times
eldwitter OE ealdwita n sage, wise-man
elg, ellow OE ealgian v protect, defend
elning OE elnung n encouragement, comfort
endbirth OE endebyrd n order, arrangement
endbirthe OE endebyrdan v to set in order, to arrange
endbirthend OE endebyrdend n one who orders or arranges
endbirthness OE endebyrdnesse n rank, order, class, succession, system, narrative, grand narrative
ern OE ern n grain, harvest
ernth OE ernð n crop (of grain)
ersh OE ersc n park, preserve
evenleeder OE efenhléoðor n harmony, union of sounds
evenold OE efeneald n/adj contemporary
evensorrow OE efensārgian v commiserate, feel compassion for
evensorry OE efensārig v compassionate
eventhrowe OE efenþrōwian v sympathise
ewe OE æw, aew n divine law, tradition (doublet of 'aye' always)
ewe OE éowian, íewan v show, display, reveal, appear
ewebreach OE æwbryce, awebryce n. adultery, breaking of vows
ewefast OE æwfæst, aewfaest adj lawful, religious, married
ewely OW æwlíc, aewlíc adj lawful, legitimate, traditional
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