The Anglish Moot
Old nordish about 900

This is the nearish spread of Old Northmannish and kindred tungs in the early 10th hundredyear. The red ground is the spread of the speech Old West Northmannish; the orange ground is the spread of the speech Old East Northmannish. The pink ground is Old Gutnish and the green ground is the spread of the other Theedish tungs with which Old Northmannish still kept some evenway understanding.

Old Norse or Old Northmannish (Old West Northmannish: Norrœnt mál. Old East Northmannish: Dǫnsk tunga) was a Northern Theedish tung spoken in Sheddeny from 800 until about 1300. As a Theedish speech, it is akin to English, Theech, and Netherlandish; however, being a North Theedish tung, it is nearer to the nowen tungs of Sheddeny. Withal, it is also slightly akin to other Ind-Europish tungs, such as Romish, Greekish, Sanskrit, the Welsh and Winnetish tungs, and other stems of Ind-Europish. It sprang straight from Ornorthmannish and soon split into the bytungs of Old West Norse, Old East Norse, and Gutnish. Old West Norse begat the nowen tungs Nornish, Icelandish, and Faroish, whilst Old East Norse begat the nowen tungs Danish, Swedish, and Elfdalish. Of these, Icelandish is the speech that has shifted the least, keeping all of Old Northmannish's stavecraft.


Framework board of speechsteads:

Lip Teeth Alveolar Palatal Velar Lip-velar Throat
Stop p b t d k g
Nose m n (ŋ)
Fricative f v θ (ð) s (ɣ) h
Trill r
Approximant j w
Tongueside Approximant l


Old Northmannish is a tung of many word endings.

Namewords and Honewords[]

Namewords and honewords take endings for abying, kin, and atell, and whether they are strong or weak. Here is the stavecraft of a manly nameword, armr, "arm."

Abying One Many
nemmeningly armr armar
streeningly arms arma
foryeavingly armi ǫrmum
wrayingly arm arma

Old Northmannish can bind the words "a/an" and "the" to the end of words as well. As a forebisen, úlfr ("a wolf") and úlfrinn" ("the wolf")

Wording Forebisen[]

Þórr heitir áss, ok er sterkr mjök ok oft reiðr. Hann á hamar góðan. Þórr ferr oft til Jötunheima ok vegr þar marga jötna með hamrinum. Þórr á ok vagn er flýgr. Hann ekr vagninum um himininn. Þar er Þórr ekr, er stormr.

Anglish Awending:

A god hight Thor, that is much strong and oft wrathful. He has a good hammer. Thor fares oft to Ettinhome and slays there many ettins with the hammer. Thor also owns a wain that flies. He drives the wain about the sky. Where Thor goes, there are storms.




Old Northmannish loan words in English/Anglish[]

The living together of the English and Northmen in the Danelaw beget many Old Northmannish loan words in the English word-hoard . The share of loan words in steadly bytungs in Scotland and northern England is even higher than in mean English. Below is a list of some Old Northmannish loan words in English and Scots.

English Scots Old Northmannish orspringly meaning
aloft alaft á lopt on loft
anger anger angr swench
awe awe agi qualmthrea
are are er, erum, eruð, eru to be (2. sg and pl)
auk auk auk far-northern seabird
awkward ackwart ǫfugr turned-backward

Old Northmannish Speechcraft[]

Old Northmannish is well-known for its leethsongs. It is the tung of the Icelandish sagas, the greatest spring of knowledge about the Northmannish gods, folklore, and eretide.

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