Onehumped olf.jpg
Kingdom Deer (Animalia)


Wirebacks (Chordata)
Undershed Bonebacks (Vertebrata)
Ilk Suckledeer (Mammalia)
Shift Evenhooves (Artiodactyla)
Kin Olvendkin (Camelidae)
Stem Trueolvends (Camelini)
Kind Olvends (Camelus)
Erds Onehump Olvend (dromedarius)
Twohump Olvend (bactrianus)
Wild Twohump Olvend (ferus)

An Olvend is a stour evenhoof that bears fatty buildups known as humps on their back. As livestock, they yield milk, meat and cloths. The olvends are kindred of sheepolvendkin of South Emmericksland, inholding the sheepolf. Stonelaves show that the forebearers of nowen olvends came to be in North Emmericksland bewhile the Orbirthing and from there spread out across Morrowland and North Highsunland. The orold folk of Somalia, the Punts, first behoused olvends much before 2000 BC.

The wild onehumpolvend has been wiped out in its orspringly livinglough, now only bestanding there as household deer. There are, however, wild befolkings that now bestand in the westens of the Southlander Outback.

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