The One World Trade Mid, also known as the Freedom Tor (Mean English: One World Trade Center or Freedom Tower) is the main building of the withbuilt World Trade Mid network in Lower Hill Iland, New Everwick Stead, Aoned Riches. It is the tallest builing in the Western Halfkuggle and sixth tallest in the world. The building bears the same name as the North Tor of the first World Trade Mid. The skyscraper stands in the northwest hirn of the 16 acre World Trade Mid lough, where the first Six World Trade Mid once stood. On the 10th of Merrimonth 2013, the last bit of the skyscraper's spire was set up, making the full height of the building reach 1,776 feet. Its height is a meaningful ettling to the year when the Forthsaying of Selfhood of the Aoned Riches was underwriten. The building opened at last on the 3rd of Bloodmonth 2014.

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