Oned Kingdom of Great Briten
and Northern Ireland

Flag of the Banded Kingdom
"God Save the Queen" (God Spare the Queen)"
(and biggest stead)
Reeve tung English
Other Tungs English, Lowland Scottish,
Scottish Gaelish, Irish,
Cornish, Manx
Folks English, Scottish,
Northern Irish,
Welsh, Cornish, Manx,
Indweller name Brit, British

- Queen
- Firstthane
Oneness Ledeward
Forfastening Kingship
Elizabeth II
Theresa May
Reeving body
- Upper House
- Nether House

House of Lords
House of Means

Landswathe 94,060 miles²
- In full
- Huddlemete
661.9 miles²
Full Homeland Output
- In full
- By fellow
2014 guessing:
£1,7 foursand
Yield Sterling Pound (GBP)

The Oned Kingdom, reevely known as the Oned Kingdom of Great Briten and Northern Ireland or seldomly the Oned Kingdom of Great Whiteland and Northern Ireland, is a land in the northwest of Europe. It is made up of four smaller lands: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is a limb of the Europish Band, the Oned Lands, the Meanwealth and the 8 Band. It has the sixth biggest wealdship in the world.

About 61 micklered live in the O.K. Most speak English. Other tungs spoken are WelshCornish, Scottish Gaelish, Lowlandish Scottish, Manx and Irish.

Eretide Edit

In the 18th Yearhundred, Briten became a Landhold Anwield that owned wide lands in Africa, India, North Ameriksland and New Holland. Briten still trades today with its former lands in the Meanwealth, although some of its former lands, such as the Foroned Ricks of Markland, Egypt, and many former British-held lands in Africa, are not in the Meanwealth.

In the year 1800, the Behests of One 1800 were put forth, which put the Kingdom of Great Briten and the Kingdom of Ireland together. The Oned Kingdom of Great Briten and Ireland began its being thereafter.

More than a yearhundred later, the Irish Free Land was acknowledged in 1922, which made most of of Ireland its own folkdom, save for Northern Ireland. This Free Land came to be after the Wye of Irish Selfstandingness. After this, the name 'Oned Kingdom of Great Briten and Ireland' was othered to the Oned Kingdom of Great Briten and Northern Ireland, as it still is today.

Some well-known folk from the Oned Kingdom are: John Clare, Isaac Newton, Tom Jones, Walter Scott, Margaret Thatcher, and so forth.

Kindred WritsEdit