Maiden Ilands of the Oned Rikes
Virgin Islands of the United States (Mean English)
Oned Rikes Maiden Ilands
"United in Pride and Hope"
"Foroned in Pride and Hope"
Ethel Oned Rikes
Headstead Carlott Amy
Revetung Mean English
Inwonername Maiden Ilander
LawmootLanddealship Foresitterly Forfastening Ledewealth
Landswathe 346.36 fourside-thousandtals
Befolking (2018) 104,914

The Oned Rikes Maiden Ilands (Mean English: United States Virgin Islands), shortened to ORMI, also named the OR Maiden Ilands or Americkish Maiden Ilands reevely the Maiden Ilands of the Oned Rikes (Mean English: Virgin Islands of the United States), is a group of ilands in the Caribish Sea and an unmelded and tidied landdeal of the Oned Rikes. The ilands are earthlorely a share of the Maiden Ilands itune and are found in the Leeward Ilands of the Lesser Fore-Ilands to the east of Rich Harbour and to the west of the British Maiden Ilands.

The O.R. Maiden Ilands is made up of the main ilands of Holy Rood, Holy John and Holy Thomas, and many other nearby lesser ilands. The landdeal's revetown of Carlott Amy is found on the iland of Holy Thomas.

Once known as the Danish West Indlands of the Kingdom of Denmark-Norway, they were sold to the Oned Rikes by Denmark in the Truce of the Danish West Indlands in 1917. They are tagged by the Oned Lands as an unselfstanding landdeal, and are now a tidied unmelded landdeal of the Oned Rikes. The O.R. Maiden Ilands are tidied under the 1954 Overhauled Tidying Deed of the Maiden Ilands and have since held five lawbook-redemoots.

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