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Super Mario Bros. (NES); Over Mario Brothers (LJS)

For Roufrithson's sunder, see Orover Merie Brothers.
Over Mario Brothers is a film game made by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1983. It is about two pipe-fitters - Mario and Luigi - freeing Queenling Toadstool Perseapple, leader of the Toadstool Kingdom, from Cooper King Goodlord, a shieldtoad-like wight. It was a weighty game by sake of switching how games were made later, best-selling before being beat by Wii Lacs in 2009.


Over Mario Brothers is a flatshape game where Mario must fare through the Toadstool Kingdom's 8 worlds to reach Perseapple and free her from Goodlord.

Mario starts with 3 "lives" and losing them all ends in a "Game Over". A twoth player can play as Luigi, wavering turns with the first player upon a player losing a life. Mario jumps, runs, and walks across layers filled with hurdles, bricks, mints, might-ups, pits, and foes. Mario loses a life by falling into a pit, being hurt by a foe or running out of time.

Mario can hit blocks by jumping into them from below. Askmark-blocks always yield something unlike brick-blocks. The following may be yielded from hit blocks:

  • Mint(s), gathering 100 bestows Mario a beyond-life
  • Red toadstool that swells Mario, letting him break bricks and withstand one further foe's blow
  • Firebloom that lets Mario hurl fireballs
  • Star that turns Mario unbeatsome for a short while
  • Green toadstool that bestows Mario a beyond-life
  • Climbfit droovebeams stretching to the clouds

Foes hurt or kill Mario by mean touch, but can sometimes be beat. Byspels of foes inhold:

  • Chestnut, waddles slowly, beat by fireballs or when jumped on
  • Cooper Thorper, waddles slowly, beat by fireballs, withdraws into a kickfit shell when jumped on
  • Cutterfish Growth, upcome from great pipes, beat by fireballs but not when jumped on

At the end of each layer lays a stairway Mario climbs before downsliding a flagpole and ingoing a castle. Layers that take stead inside a castle instead end with a feud with Goodlord on a bridge above molten stone. Goodlord spits fire and cannot be jumped on. Mario needs to touch the axe on the fornest side to break the bridge and make Goodlord fall into the molten stone to clear the layer and forthgo to the next world. After clearing the eighth feud against Goodlord, Mario finds Perseapple and the game is won.