Brandmark of Overman

Overman is a sheenwritsome overheleth crafted by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. He shows up often in Americkish stripbooks uttered by SS Strips and has been onwended to funkbox shows, newspaper strips, farseer shows, films, and ewinggames.

Overman was born on the tungle Hidyard (English: Krypton) as a baby named Kal-El. He was sent to Earth in a small roomthship by his witshipper father Jor-El, eyeblinks before Krypton was fornaughted in a quithenly harrowhap. His ship landed in the Americkish upland, where he was found and taken in by a farming twain who named him Clark Kent and raised him with a strong sideful wayfinder. He grew to have strong overmannish formays, which he kired to use for the bettering of mankind. Clark Kent lives in the sheenwritsome stead of Mickleborough (English: Metropolis) where he works as a newsman for the Daily Tungle (English: Daily Planet), a newspaper. His only higher weakness is Hidyardstone (English: Kryptonite). To ward his offsundering, he wends into a faiful outfit and brooks the deckname of "Overman" when fighting shild. His lovegrip is his fellow newswoman Lois Lane, and his token highfoe is the wittle afinder Lex Luthor. He is a friend of many other overheleths in the SS Wholeall, such as Batman and Wonder Woman.

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