Passing the mouse over words underlined with dots will show a translation in English of that Anglish or rare word.

Welcome to the oversetting gamehild. In the gamehild, each adighter makes an unhanging oversetting of the given wellspring with or without sweetling Missen adighters choose sundry words therefore withmeting the missen oversettings is both 'interesting' and fremeful.

For example, in the bookcraft todal there two strikingly missen oversettings of Charles Darwin's On the orgin of species: Inlead to The Wellspring of Breedstocks and On the Fromth of Lifekin: A Fullworked Oversetting of Darwin's On the Origin of Species.

See also Methods in Anglish

Please join in and also forthdo any toward wellsprings for the oversetting gamehild.

First gamehildEdit

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The first writ to overset was the first few lines of Douglas Adam's Hitchhicker's guide to the Galaxy.

Twoth gamehildEdit

Main:Twoth oversetting gamehild

The twoth writ to overset was the first few lines or the wholeness of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart.

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