Below are oversettings of some tales from the book "A New Lorekeep of the Tales of the World"(世說新語)

"A New Lorekeep of the Tales of the World" was beworked by Liu, Yiqing(劉義慶), who was an atheling of the Time of the Six Erverikes(六朝時代), tales and lorekeeps of the book tell many truths of high-ranked ones of the Time of the Southern and Northern Erverikes.

All StaffsEdit

Staff One, Right Behaviors(德行第一)Edit

Guan, Ning cut the matEdit

Guan, Ning(管寧) and Hua, Xin(華歆) were working in their field together, seeing a bit of gold on the ground, Guan wiped it like bits of stones and tiles, but Hua picked it up and then soon threw it away.

In another day, when Guan and Hua were sitting on a mat and reading book together, someone who rode in a wain went by, Guan didn't heed it, he kept reading books as before, but Hua stopped reading, going out to see that, so Guan cut the mat into two mats and said "thou art not my friend."

Hua, Xin and Wang, Lang went aboardEdit

Hua, Xin(華歆) and Wang, Lang(王朗) went aboard a boat to run away, when they were going aboard, a man bade to go with them, Hua thought twice about the man's bidding, but Wang said "There's still a big room for him on the boat, why don't we let him go aboard with us?"

Some times later, a gang of reavers came, Wang wanted to let that man behind, but Hua said "What I thought before was this, but since we have intaken his bidding, is it good to forsake him?" then they went with the man like before.

Folks then gave the rank of Hua and Wang by what happened that day.

Staff Thirteen, Straightforwardness(豪爽第十三)Edit

Wang, Chu-Zhong(王處仲, born Wang, Dun(王敦)) was a upright man, but he had once been hooked by swiving, and he almost broke his body by that. His stewards were worried, warning him about it, Chu-Zhong answered: "I didn't understand that, but it's not hard to handle!"

So Chu-Zhong opened the back door of the house, driving tens of lower wives(妾) and housemaids out, making them free, folks of that time were amazed.

Staff Thirty, Being Too Wealthy(汰侈第三十)Edit

Shi, Chong(石崇) and Wang, Kai(王愷) crow over their own wealthiness, Chong wanted to win Kai in wealthiness, and Kai wanted to win Chong, too, both of them brooked the most fair things to deck their clothings. The highking Wu(武帝) was one of Kai's sister's children, so he always helped Kai.

A day, the highking Wu gave Kai a reefweed tree, the tree was about 2 feet tall, it had many twigs and was highly fair and was a seldseen thing, after getting that tree, Kai brought it to Chong's house, he wanted show that tree off, however, Chong shattered it into bits with an iron scratcher.

Seeing what Chong had done on his reefweed tree, he was sad, and he also thought that Chong was being evest to his dearworthness. Howeverm Chong asked his men to take out his own reefweed trees, among the trees that Chong owned, there were six to seven trees that were 3 to 4 meets tall and were even fairer, besides, Chong also owned many trees that were as fair as the one that Kai owned, after seeing that, Kai stunned and looked like that he had lost his soul.

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