Palnatoke was a folktalesome Danish fearless man and leader of the iland of Funen. He brought up Harald Bluetooth's son Sweyn Forkbeard and was a stout backer of the old heathen belief. He thereby overcame Sweyn to wage war on his own father, and Palnatoke slew Harald. The gainstand may be grounded on the truth that Palnatoke was the greatson of the Geatish earl Jarl Ottar, who had been slain when Harald overran Geatland.

Palnatoke founded the laws of the Jomsvikings.

Saxo Grammaticus tells how Palnatoke did not settle on with the king and had to shoot an apple from his own son who skied downhill. This tale kithes among other Teutonish folks, as the tale of Egil in the Thidreks saga, and also in England and Holstein, and in the folktale of Wilhelm Tell in Switzerland.

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