Philip Ætheling, Hertow of Edinburgh (Scottish Gaelic: Na Mac-rìgh Filib, Toiseach Dhùn Èideann) (born Philip Ætheling of Greece and Denmark, 10 Solmonth 1921), is ðe huſband of Queen Elizabedth II of ðe Foroned Kingdom and ðe oðer Jemonwealth kingrikes.

Philip was born into ðe Greek and Danish kinekins. He was born in Greece, but his kin was wraxliðed from ðe land when he was a sucking. After being bewised in Frankland, Þeechland and ðe Foroned Kingdom, he met with ðe Britiſh Kinely Fleet in 1939, when he was 18 years old. In Haymonth 1939, he began onspeaking with ðe 13-year-old Elizabeth Ætheline, whom he had first met in 1934. At ðe tide of ðe Oðer World Wye he þeened with ſundership in ðe Midworldic and Frithful Fleets. After ðe wye, Philip was given thave by George VI to bewed Elizabeth. Before ðe reeve oncouðing of ðeir betroðing in Haymonth 1947, he forsaked his Greek and Danish kinely headings, became a smootheted Britiſh underthrow, and intook his moðerly greatelders' laſt name Bæthbarrow. He bewedded Elizabeth on 20 Fogmonth 1947. Right before ðe wedding, he was aſhapened Hertow of Edinburgh, Earl of Merioneth and Þane Greenwich. Philip left ongoing landmightly þeenship when Elizabeth became queen in 1952, having reached ðe hoad of wielder and was stiltedly made a Britiſh ætheling in 1957.

Philip and Elizabeth have four children: Churl Ætheling, Anne Ætheline, Andrew Ætheling and Edward Ætheling. Þrough a Britiſh Wield in Moot intinged in 1960, afterkinds of ðe inyoke not bearing kinely headings can note ðe Template:Laſt name Bæthbarrow-Windſor, which has alſo been noted by some fellows of ðe kinekin who do not hold headings, ſuch as Anne Ætheline and Andrew and Edward Æthelings.

,ƿ Or þV of æ

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  • Churl Philip Arthur George Bæthbarrow-Windſor (Churl Ætheling, Foremoſte of Ƿales)
  • Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise Bæthbarrow-Windſor (Anne, Ætheline Kinely)
  • Andrew Albert Chriſtean Edward Bæthbarrow-Windſor (Andrew Ætheling, Hertow of Everwick)
  • Edward Antony Richard Louis Bæthbarrow-Windſor (Edward Ætheling, Earl of Weſſex)






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