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=== '''Loftlay''' ===
=== '''Loftlay''' ===
In Philipsland, it is usually rainy or sometimes stormy in central, southern luzon and the visayas landships. But, the rest of the steads and folkshires are raining seldomly.
In Philipsland, it is {{Over|broadly|usually}} rainy or sometimes stormy in {{Over|mid|central}}, southern luzon and the visayas landships. But, the rest of the steads and folkshires are raining seldomly.
=== '''Landships''' ===
=== '''Landships''' ===

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The Ledewealth of Philipsland
Republika ng Pilipinas (Filipino)
Maka-Diyos, Maka-Tao, Makakalikasan at Makabansa
For God, Folks, Land and Wilderness
Lupang Hinirang (Chosen Land)
Revetown Loftrootton
Biggest Stead Puerto Princesa Stead
Reevetung Philipslandish
Other Tungs English, Eafolkish, Luckfolkish,

Sidefolkish, Flowaterfolkish, Bayfolkish, Eabankfolk, Saltfolkish, Lanaofolkish, Nowenmanfolkish, Warayfolkish

Folkthedes Luckfolk (34%), Eafolk (28%)
Inwonername Philipslander

- Foresitter
- Underforesitter
Oneness Foresitterly
Forfastening Ledewealth
Rodrigo Duterte
Leni Robredo
Reving body
- Upper House
- Lower House
House of Spokesman
Landswath 120,000 miles²
- in full
- huddlemete
101 micklered
872 / mile²
Full Homeland Output
- In full
- by fellow
$874 thrisand
Yield ₱ (PHP)

Philipsland (Mean English: Philippines [/ˈfɪlɪpiːnz/], Philipslandish: Pilipinas) is an itune ethel in southeastern Sunriseland (in the western Frithful Highsea), made up of 7,641 islands.


Philipsland was arly named after King Philip II of Spain.


Foresettling tide

Settling tide

Spanish Rede

in 1521, a Portugalish rosser named Ferdinand Magellan reached Tradelandish island and forheld it as Spanish. He was later killed in the Hild of Mactan.

Miguel López de Legazpi reached Philipsland from Moonsnavel in 1565, and started besettling Philipsland.

Shortly after the Spanish-Americkish Wye, Philipsland was sold from Spain to the Banded Folkdoms for $20 million in 1898.

Americkish Rede

The Americkish then took over Philipsland after the Americksland-Philipsland wye.

Japanish Rede

10 stounds after the Pearl Harbour onrush, the Japanish loftmight bombed Philipsland, which spured the yielding of Philipsland.

The Largest sea hild in eretide was the Hild of Leyte Cove. The Americkish lost 6 ships and 200+ flacks, while the Japanish lost 28 ships and 300 flack.


The Banded Folkdoms swore freedom towards Philipsland on 4th of Afterlithe, 1946 through the Truce of Manila.

On the 30th of Midwintermonth, 1965, Macapagal lost the foresitterly coring to Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos started many building goalworlk early in his foresitting, but was shilded of greed and lithesomeness. Nearing the end of his tide, Marcos swore Tue Law on 1st of Harvestmonth, 1972. This time of his reding was marked by mootly crack down, wide cleansing and man rights breaching.

The Edsa Uprising was the frithsome uprising between Marcos and the folk of Philipsland, who overthrew Marcos on 25th of Horningmonth, 1986.

Today's Yore

On the 9th of Merrymonth, 2016, the forsitterly runner Rodrigo Duterte was chosen as the 16th forsitter of Philipsland along with the underforsitter Leni Robredo. Rodrigo Duterte forcouthed to start a wye on libs, naming the undertaking "Oplan Tokhang".

He also strengthened farborn dealings between China and Rusland.




In Philipsland, it is broadly rainy or sometimes stormy in mid, southern luzon and the visayas landships. But, the rest of the steads and folkshires are raining seldomly.


Philipsland holds 17 mootly landships:

  1. Theedish Foremost Landship (TFL)
  • Bayfolk Landship (Landship I)
  • Cordillera Administrative Landship (CAL)
  • Cagayan Dale (Landship II)
  • Middle Luzon (Landship III)
  • CALABARZON (Landship IV-A)
  • MIMAROPA (Landship IV-B)
  • Sidefolk Landship (Landship V)
  • Western Luckfolk (Landship VI)
  • Middle Luckfolk (Landship VII)
  • Eastern Luckfolk (Landship VIII)
  • Zamboanga Arm (Landship IX)
  • Northern Mindanao (Landship X)
  • Davao Landship (Landship XI)
  • Caraga Landship (Landship XIII)
  • Selflawing Landship in Muslim Mindanao (SLMM)

Lists Of Landship Tungs in Philipsland;

  • Eafolkish (Philipslandish/Tagalog)
  • Luckfolkish (Bisaya)
  • Sidefolkish (Bikol)
  • Bayfolksih (Ilocano)
  • Flowaterfolkish (Hiligaynon/Illonggo)
  • Eabankfolkish (Kapampangan)
  • Saltfolkish (Pagasinanense)
  • Nowenmanfolkish (Tausug)
  • Warayfolkish (Waray-Waray)
  • Lanaofolkish (Maranao)
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